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Prestige Song Of The South Begur Road Pre Launch Bangalore By Prestige Group
Prestige Song of the South an upcoming project by the well known Prestige Group at Begur Road of South Bangalore. The project houses spacious 1,2,3, and 4 Bedroom apartments. It is a best suited property for IT professionals who are working in Electronic City, as it is very nearer to this project. Prestige Song of the South is strategically located at Bannerghatta Road. This locality is a symbol of the culture and inviolability of the state of Karnataka and is becoming very popular location for people who are interested in searching of property in a peaceful environment. It is located on the Bangalore-Hosur highway which leads to convenient link from Begur to Bangalore. With the brand value , high quality standards and on time completion we can expect huge sales in this project as soon as it is launched.
Prestige Song of the South
Prestige Song of the South has enormous towers(17 towers) with 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK , 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK and 3 BHK flats construct with compelling arranging and far reaching outline. All top of the line towers are encompassed by massive greenery, which makes the property more pleasant. The whole 33 sections of land of area has been produced in a manner that built towers possess just the half of this range though the staying half of area is secured with excellent estates viewed as environment-sparing area.
Typically, individuals search for enhancements while looking a home. In such manner, Prestige Song of the South is an extreme destination for the individuals who need to lead their life in extravagance. All private conveniences are accessible here with some additional offices that would make you`re living additional extraordinary. Each loft is all around outfitted with offices that one needs in everyday life. Kitchen, rooms, lounge and overhangs are all around built with additional space to give you a palatial affair. All rooms are all around associated with one another with great lavatory offices in the loft. For legitimate air ventilation, windows are particularly given at perfect areas. You`re morning will be delightful when you will have a perspective of broad green grounds covering all the non-development land.
Aside from internal conveniences, each inhabitant is qualified to utilize the external offices also. These offices incorporate rec center, swimming pool, play territory for youngsters, squash court, indoor court for badminton, tennis court and so forth. In this way, general Prestige Song of the South is a completely all around created task where no stone is left unturned by the developers while offering extravagances of life to the inhabitants.
Prestige Song of the South, exquisitely orchestrated dwellings designed for 중형 강아지종류 those who march to a different drumbeat and believe that happiness is never having to compromise.
The Prestige Group
The Prestige Group owes its origin to Mr. Razack Sattar, who envisioned a success story waiting to take shape in the Retail Business in 1956 itself. Since its formation in 1986, Prestige Estates Projects has grown swiftly to become one of South India`s leading Property Developers, helping shape the skyline across the Residential, Commercial, Retail, Leisure & Hospitality sectors.
Prestige Court on K.H. Road in Bangalore set the pace for the Group`s rapid growth which now stands at over 184 Completed Projects spanning a total developed area of over 60.74 million sqft. It also has another 57 ongoing projects comprising around 59.24 million sqft & 43 upcoming projects totaling 44.11 million sqft., which include Apartment Enclaves, Shopping Malls and Corporate Structures, spread across all asset classes.
Today, Prestige stands as a giant and with aggressive growth plans across the Residential, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality Sectors in Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Cochin and Chennai, lies a bright future ahead!
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Prestige Song Of South is New Pre Launch project by Prestige Group. This project is located at Begur Road, Bangalore. This project comprises of 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK apartments. More Details Call Us @ +91 9019200002.
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